Is This Another Developer Blog?

Um, yes, er, no, on occasion, but not really. Is that clear? No? OK, so let’s talk about what this is. I am indeed a developer, and there will be some tutorials, tricks and insights about developing software, but that won’t be the only focus. I’m also a business owner, have had a long and varied career, and live on a tropical island, so I think there’s more to life than code. I also have opinions, and am absolutely willing to voice them. So, hopefully, this will be entertaining, interesting and/or educational in a number of different areas.

Joel on Inspiration

Once upon a time, there was an interesting site called Joel on Software. Oh, that’s right, it’s still there. Well, Joel used to write all sorts of interesting articles about developing software and the business of selling it. His company grew, and I suppose he doesn’t have time to write like he used to, but I enjoyed reading him, and miss those articles. They were perfect for in between code runs, where you want to let your mind relax for a bit, but you were still learning something. I hope this will provide you those kinds of experiences. Continue reading