How Do I Get to Live on an Island?

When people find out I live on a tropical island for half the year, the first question they often ask is, “wow, how do I do that?” Short answer, it’s not easy. So, I’ll tell you a story about how we did it, and then I’ll try to give you a better path. Continue reading

In Defense of Capitalism

I saw John Mackey of Whole Foods speak at inc. Magazine’s GrowCo conference (highly recommended), and have read his book Conscious Capitalism since. In both, he began with the premise that capitalism is viewed negatively in the U.S., that companies are viewed as greedy and are a cause of social problems. He continues with a defense that shows that capitalism has raised the standard of living, increased life expectancy, and generally improved people’s lives. Please read the book for the details. I agree with all of this, which is not difficult as it is fact based. Continue reading