Is This Another Developer Blog?

Um, yes, er, no, on occasion, but not really. Is that clear? No? OK, so let’s talk about what this is. I am indeed a developer, and there will be some tutorials, tricks and insights about developing software, but that won’t be the only focus. I’m also a business owner, have had a long and varied career, and live on a tropical island, so I think there’s more to life than code. I also have opinions, and am absolutely willing to voice them. So, hopefully, this will be entertaining, interesting and/or educational in a number of different areas.

Joel on Inspiration

Once upon a time, there was an interesting site called Joel on Software. Oh, that’s right, it’s still there. Well, Joel used to write all sorts of interesting articles about developing software and the business of selling it. His company grew, and I suppose he doesn’t have time to write like he used to, but I enjoyed reading him, and miss those articles. They were perfect for in between code runs, where you want to let your mind relax for a bit, but you were still learning something. I hope this will provide you those kinds of experiences.

And you are?

I hate writing resumes, having been raised with the notion that humility is a good thing. However, I also believe that to be effective in writing or speaking you must have earned the right to talk about the topic. So, here’s why I think I’ve earned some rights. I’ve worked in engineering for 30 years, which makes me old, but also gives me the gift of perspective. I have worked for the US government, Fortune 50, 100 and 500 companies, two small companies that were purchased, a Fortune fastest growing company, a start-up of three people and created my own company. I’ve worked in the surface Navy, aerospace, municipal water, test and measurement, data quality, consumer web app, mobile app, social platform and developer tool areas. Hmm, that sounds rather ADD, doesn’t it? Well, 30 years is a long time, and you can cover a lot of ground. My more recent focus has been mobile technologies. By recent, I mean I started Mooseworks Software in 2004 focusing on PocketPC, and have continued in the mobile area ever since (although my allegiance to Microsoft has been broken).

About that Tropical Island Thing…

For about half of the year, I live in North Caicos, in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The photo in the header is from our deck. People have often told me I’m living the dream, and they’re right. I’ve made some good choices, some not so good choices, and had some of each kind of luck. So far, I’m net positive, which is nice. The island has a lot of stories, and some of them will make an appearance here. Of course the stories you hear on an island are 10% truth, 30% hearsay that is possible, 30% third hand stories that have little hint of truth, and 30% outright fiction. Oh, and 78.42% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

OK, What Are You Going to Write About?

I’m a big believer in entrepreneurship, and the independence it can bring. Software developers have tremendous opportunities to be entrepreneurs. It always surprises me when I read about developers complaining that it is a dead-end, mind-numbing profession. It seems most of these folks are in large company IT departments, and I guess I see their point of view in that world. I just don’t think you need to be trapped there. I worked for two small companies with less than 100 employees, which were bought by huge corporations. I left within a year after each purchase. Life is too short for that. I would love to see a trend of developers heading to their equivalent of a tropical island, leaving behind the corporate IT world, living happier, more creative, productive lives.

To that effect, I’ll be writing about topics that will hopefully interest and aid independent minded fellow developers. This may range from topics about careers, entrepreneurship and the software business, to semi-technical things like hosting and email services, to solutions to code problems I’ve come across. And of course, there’s always that tropical island thing that people seem to have an interest in. If you have something to say, please feel free to submit an article using the contact info in the sidebar. I’d love to hear from you, and it may give you the opportunity to expand your audience.

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